3Shape TRIOS wins “Best of Class” award for six years in a row

The 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner receives the 2018 Cellerant “Best of Class” Award for intraoral scanners. This means a record-breaking six years in a row that 3Shape TRIOS  has won this incredible award for amazing technology with digital impressions.

“The Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award continues to highlight the innovative dental technologies that are shaping the future of our profession. As a six-time winner, 3Shape continues to impress the panel with its accomplishments. The dental community is very fortunate to have you in our space,” says Dr. Lou Shuman, Best of Class founder and Cellerant CEO.

3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner is changing the future for dental practices. The TRIOS intraoral scanner is able to take digital impressions compared to the traditional alginate impressions making impressions more precise.  The digital impression also cuts out having to ship impressions by mail as the digital files can be sent electronically to the dental lab in a matter of minutes!