Can Root Canal Treatment Be Painless?

The pain from an infected tooth can be excruciating. Those of us who have gone through this experience know that a day spent nursing a toothache is one of the worst! There was a time when the only solution to an infected or diseased tooth was extraction, which was extremely painful during, and even after the process. In those days that was literally the only solution that a dental office near you could offer.
However, things have changed drastically for the better with the advent of root canal treatment and modern technology in dentistry.

The most important factor behind scientific advancement is better remedies to our problems that make life comfortable. So is the case with root canals. This treatment was devised for effective restoration of decayed or infected teeth but tended to be painful due to being an invasive process. People had qualms about it but that is not the case anymore.

Today, where dental science stands, root canals are as painless as getting a regular filling done on your tooth. The use of highly effective anesthetics, the latest instruments, and medications has made undergoing this procedure a minor thing.

The Root Canal Procedure

To start with, at your first visit to a dental office in Dryden, the endodontist will take an X-ray to ascertain the amount of decay. Following that they will use anesthetics to numb the region, then start the process of cleaning the infected pulp of the tooth. Once that is done, they will fill the tooth, put a temporary crown on the tooth, and ask you to return when your customized permanent crown is ready. At your second visit, the treatment is complete as soon as the dentist places the permanent crown.

Pain During The Root Canal Procedure

It could not be further from the truth when it is said that a root canal is a painful procedure. Not anymore! It is in fact a treatment that relieves the terrible pain of an infected tooth that is making you incapable of performing your daily chores efficiently. Toothaches are notorious for being so painful that they adversely affect your day-to-day functioning as they disrupt your sleep as well as your meals. Eating while nursing a toothache can be traumatic and, in most cases, results in diet restrictions.

With all these facts in mind, how can treatment for relieving that pain be more painful? It is not. The prevalent use of local anesthetics and pain killers makes sure the procedure is comfortable and goes unhindered. At most, you can feel slight pressure when the pulp inside the tooth is cleared out to make space for a filling, and a slight sensitivity afterward.

Pain After The Root Canal Procedure

A dentist near you, post root canal treatment, will advise you to avoid hard foods and chewing around the treatment site, till the permanent crown is placed. As the effect of the anesthetic gradually wears off, you will have a slight sensation in the treated tooth and possibly mild pain, for a few days. This is absolutely normal, and the mild pain also subsides completely by the time you get your permanent crown fixed. Till then you will easily be able to manage the slight discomfort of the operated tooth with the help of prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

If you are looking for root canal treatment in Dryden, we at Kinizsi Dental can help you. We assure you that the only pain you need to worry about will be that of the memory of the toothache and discomfort you had before root canal treatment!