Why You Shouldn’t Wear Dentures While You Sleep

You’ve heard it many times. Don’t wear your dentures as you sleep. It’s excellent and important advice. After all, it’s unnecessary and potentially harmful. But why? Resorption may happen faster One of the major downsides of wearing dentures in Dryden is that they contribute to a process called resorption by putting constant pressure on your […]

Your One-Stop Guide to Maintaining Dentures

Dentures are artificial structures used to replace your natural teeth in case of damage or deterioration. They are customized and designed to fit your mouth to match your existing teeth. Dentures can replace all your teeth on either gum line or even a few missing teeth. These are known as full or partial dentures accordingly. You […]

3 options for replacing missing teeth

3 Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

We all want a perfect smile – which means a complete set of teeth. But beyond aesthetics, having a complete set of teeth would mean allowing your teeth to function in full efficiency. If you are missing a tooth, it can have an impact on your speaking and eating. Because of the gap, it might […]