How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction and What To Expect

Do you have troublesome and decaying teeth that are causing unbearable pain and discomfort? When you are in such a predicament that is common altogether, your dentist may suggest tooth extraction in Dryden. Note, this is the last resort, your dentist will exhaust all other options before ever offering the removal of one or more of your teeth. You can undergo tooth removal at your dental clinic, which is an irreversible solution. However, there are certain factors and expectations that you should consider to prepare for a tooth extraction.

How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction:

The first step that you should take into account is to check if there are clinics that offer tooth extractions near you. Alternatively, you need to visit a dentist in Dryden and discuss whether they are equipped to perform a tooth extraction. Kinizsi Dental offers these services and this can be your first port of call.

Consult Your Dentist First

It is crucial that you consult your dentist first so that you know if a tooth extraction is the most viable option. You must also ask about the recovery process and other vital elements involved in the whole procedure. 

Feel Free to Discuss Your Medical Concerns

If you have other health concerns regarding your medical history, you should feel free to openly discuss these with your dentist. You must also be open about your feelings towards the whole procedure so that you can undergo it without any reservations. 

Seek Transportation

After a tooth extraction surgery—separate from a simple extraction, you may not be able to drive due to the effects of dental sedation. Therefore, you need to arrange for someone to drive you to and from the appointment. It is also vital to look for someone who will provide assistance as you recover.

What to Expect from Tooth Extraction:

Before you undergo a tooth extraction, you should consider if:

The Procedure is Painful

Tooth extraction can be painful if not properly done. However, dentists will put you under general or local anesthesia so that you would not feel any pain just perhaps some pressure. The anesthesia can be intense depending on the severity of the procedure. However, most dentists consider your care and dental experience above all else when conducting tooth extraction. 

There is A Substantial Amount of Blood Lost

When you undergo tooth extraction, you are bound to lose some blood. This should not frighten you since bleeding is normal and expected when this type of procedure is performed. It might look like you have lost a lot of blood during the appointment but this is perfectly normal. The dentist will give you gauze that you can use to stop the bleeding. There is no reason to fear this, your dentist will provide you with instructions.

Know How to Manage Pain

After the tooth has been extracted, the area is sewn and the dentist provides you with gauze to prevent any further bleeding. You should keep this gauze in place until you are satisfied and the bleeding has completely stopped. The recovery process should include the consumption of plenty of liquid. You should also eat soft food while you avoid chewing on the side where your tooth has been extracted. 

On top of that, your doctor should prescribe pain medication that you will need to take as recommended. Like any type of medication, you should follow your dentist’s instructions. 

For more details about tooth extraction, you can visit a dental clinic near you. Alternatively, you can phone our clinic to schedule an appointment with our dentist.