Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings in Dryden

Many of us believe that regular brushing and flossing is enough to maintain good oral health. While brushing and flossing help prevent serious oral health problems, they are not enough on their own. Our dentist near you recommends that you get a professional dental cleaning at least once every six months or more frequently if needed. Getting regular dental cleanings from a dental professional should be part of your oral hygiene routine.

dental cleaning in Dryden

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

We know that it takes more than just brushing and flossing to protect your oral health. When you eat and drink, the sugars from these substances coat your teeth and intermingle with the bacteria already present in your mouth. When this happens, it creates an ideal environment for tooth decay and cavities to occur. While brushing your teeth can remove the majority of this bacteria, it cannot remove all of it, which is why you must attend professional dental cleanings in Dryden.

What Happens at a Dental Cleaning?

When you visit Kinizsi Dental for dental cleanings, our dental hygienist will begin by examining your teeth and checking for signs of gum disease or tooth decay., If they notice a significant problem, they will let our dentist near you know before proceeding with your dental cleaning.

Our hygienist will then use a hand-held scaler to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar along your gum line and on the surfaces of your teeth. Once all of the debris has been removed, they will polish your teeth and apply a fluoride solution to strengthen your enamel.

After this, our dentist in Dryden will come in and do a thorough examination of your head, mouth, teeth, and jaws to ensure that you are healthy and that there are no areas of concern. If anything is noted, our dentist will work with you to create a treatment plan.

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