Top 3 Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay


Whenever food is stuck in between our teeth, the formation of natural bacteria in our mouth will break it down. This will lead to the development of acid that can negatively affect the structure of teeth. Once the enamel has been destroyed and the dentin has been exposed, this can cause dental problems. By practicing excellent hygiene, eliminating some of your poor habits, and visiting the dentist near you at least twice a year, you will be able to prevent tooth decay.

Essential Tips to Help Avoid Tooth Decay According to Your Dentist in Dryden

Tooth decay is perhaps the most common dental issue not only among adults but also kids. In fact, you will be shocked to know that a kid is six times more likely to develop tooth decay than asthma. Luckily, this can be prevented. Here are some ways to do this.

1. Proper Oral Hygiene

Brushing at least two times per day is a good way to keep your teeth healthy. However, you will have to do it properly. Otherwise, you are probably harming your teeth unintentionally. The formation of plaque on our teeth can be disrupted once the food particles and debris have been eliminated through brushing. This can also disrupt the acid formation that causes tooth decay. Before you search for products pertaining to teeth whitening in Dryden, be sure to choose a toothpaste first that is packed with fluoride. Fluoride is intended to toughen the enamel that makes them highly resistant to tooth decay. Before you sleep, be sure to brush your teeth. This ensures that you can still fight the attack of the acids while you are asleep.

You should not disregard the importance of flossing either. This can eliminate the particles that are trapped in between the teeth and other hard-to-reach spaces. Ask your dentist near you for floss recommendations.

2. Regular Dental Checkups

Never undermine the power of scheduling a regular dental appointment. Your dentist in Dryden can provide you with a guideline and tips to avoid tooth decay. For instance, they can help assess your risk level of developing cavities. Once a cavity is identified, they can take a more specific approach to treat your problem. They can instruct you to implement some changes to your hygiene and diet to lower your risk and improve your oral health.

A dental checkup should be scheduled every 6 months. This way, any early signs of tooth decay can be discovered. This will help you avoid expensive treatment and save your teeth. If you continue to delay your dental appointment, it might be too late to save your teeth. Despite advancements in dentistry, tooth extraction and replacement is always the very last resort.

3. Change in Lifestyle

If you really want to avoid tooth decay, you may need to change your lifestyle and stop some of your poor habits. For instance, you should minimize your consumption of foods that have high sugar content such as sweets, pop, coffee, and other compounds that have added sugar. If you are going to consume sugary foods and drinks, be sure to rinse your mouth immediately. As a replacement for pop and coffee, why not drink water instead? It helps us stay hydrated and eliminate food particles that may cause tooth decay.

You should also avoid smoking. Apart from causing a host of medical problems, this can also cause tooth discoloration, oral cancer, tooth loss, and periodontal disease. For expert advice and a thorough dental examination that will help you prevent tooth decay, talk to our dentist near you today.