what to avoid eating with a crown

What to Avoid Eating With a Crown

Ah, dental crowns. If you have had dental trauma or if you had a cavity so large that a resin composite was not the best choice to restore it, then you must know what a crown is. It is a dental restoration that perfectly caps a damaged tooth and also, looks like the natural tooth itself.

Many people wonder how long a dental crown near you lasts; even though it will likely last around a decade, it can last longer if you maintain proper oral health care. This means you should at least stick to the basics, such as brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day. By doing this and also paying attention to the foods and drinks you consume, you can extend the life of your dental crown.

Keep in mind that you will receive a temporary crown before the permanent one is ready to be cemented. What’s the difference? The temporary one is not as strong as the permanent one and it’s placed with temporary cement. Of course, your dentist will explain the difference between these two restorations in more detail.

What to Avoid Eating with a Temporary Crown

Your dentist in Dryden will inform you about what foods and drinks you should avoid when a temporary crown has been seated, such as:

• Sticky foods; especially sweets like caramels, gums, gummies, etc. These foods can stick to the crown and cause their displacement.

• Crunchy foods; for example, granola, seeds, nuts. These foods can break your temporary crown.

• Extremely hot or extremely cold foods.

• Hard foods, such as candy or even ice. Biting these can dislodge your dental cap.

There are other recommendations you may follow; for example, trying to chew less with the side of your mouth where the crown is. Also, when flossing, slide the floss gently between the tooth and gum; don’t lift it, because the risk of dislodging the crown will be higher.

What to Avoid Eating With a Permanent Crown

Once you have had the permanent crown cemented, you should avoid sticky foods for the next 24 hours. After this, you can go back to your normal diet. However, there are still some recommendations that even if you don’t have a cap you should follow, because natural teeth are not indestructible. Here’s what you should avoid eating with your permanent crown.

• Chewy foods, like steaks or candies.

• Crunchy snacks, such as popcorn or nuts.

• Tough foods in general. If there is any food that you can opt for cooking it so it’s softer, go ahead. For example, cooked vegetables are much softer than raw ones.

If you want to know more recommendations about dental crowns near you, keep reading.

What About Hygiene?

Dental crowns don’t need special dental care. You should take care of them just as you care for your teeth. Regular dental hygiene (brushing with a soft-bristled brush and flossing twice a day) is enough to make them last for a long time. Also, don’t forget your dental checkups!

More Recommendations

A dentist near you should offer you the following tips, whether you are wearing a dental crown or not.

• Don’t use your teeth as tools. Don’t use them to open bottles or rip off a tag. These acts can do serious damage to your dental crown and your natural teeth.

• Don’t bite your fingernails.

• Try not to eat coloured foods and beverages. Both the porcelain in the crown and your natural teeth can become pigmented over time.

Preserving your dental cap isn’t that hard. You just need to practice a daily dental routine that keeps your teeth and your restorations safe. Our practice will assist you most professionally if you want to know more about dental crowns in Dryden. Contact us anytime!