Your One-Stop Guide to Maintaining Dentures

Dentures are artificial structures used to replace your natural teeth in case of damage or deterioration. They are customized and designed to fit your mouth to match your existing teeth. Dentures can replace all your teeth on either gum line or even a few missing teeth. These are known as full or partial dentures accordingly. You can receive dentures in Dryden at our dental clinic near you.

In the past, plastic or porcelain materials were used to create dentures. Today, with modern technology, they are now formulated using hard resin. A similar resin material is adopted to build the structure that supports the dentures to look like the natural gum line that holds the artificial teeth, fabricated to fit perfectly into the natural gum line of the mouth. When compared to natural teeth, the material used to construct the dentures are more fragile and hence can be easily damaged if neglected. Wear and tear of this material are innate – it is best to have your dentures replaced once every five years at the least.

Dentures support the structure of your mouth by providing aid to the surrounding structures of your lips and your cheeks. Replacing your natural teeth with dentures does not affect your diet for the most part. You can still eat the same food and chew as usual with a set of artificial teeth now. Dentures are a feasible substitute for teeth that are causing severe pain and affecting your oral health in the case of damaged roots.

Maintenance and care for your dentures are vital. We offer dentures near you at our dental clinic in Dryden. Here are five simple steps to help take good care of your dentures.

  1. First and foremost, make sure to handle them with care. Remember that dentures can be fragile. Hence it is essential to be cautious while removing your dentures at night before going to bed. It is always best to fill your sink up with water and remove your dentures over the water, so if they do fall, the water reduces the impact of damage thus, reducing the chances of them breaking. An alternate solution would be lining your counters with towels and removing the dentures over the towels.
  2. Clean your dentures every day. An obvious but important step in caring for your dentures is cleaning them every day. You must treat your dentures as your natural teeth, hence follow your regular oral care routine except flossing. This includes using a soft-bristled toothbrush and cleaning them twice a day with a dentist-approved toothpaste.
  3. Your dentures and your gums deserve a break. The tissues in your mouth, as well as your gums, need to feel free. Every night, unless told otherwise by your dentist, you must remove your dentures and soak them in a pre-approved solution from your dentist or in water before going to bed. It reduces the risk of your dentures drying out, hence it less likely for them to break or crack. Soaking your dentures overnight also helps remove plaque from the artificial teeth.
  4. Make sure to check the fit of your dentures regularly. It is imperative to keep an eye out for any changes in the fit of your dentures. In case your dentures do not fit your mouth the same as always, contact your dentist immediately. Ignoring these signs can lead to severe pain and discomfort in your mouth. It could also lead to the deterioration of the structure of your dentures.
  5. Make an appointment with your dentist regularly. Having your dentures checked by your dentist is a necessity to do so at least once a year. These appointments are essential because your dentist can tell if there are any early signs of problems and can fix them before they become an issue.

Visit our dental clinic near you today, if you’re looking to get dentures or advice on how to maintain your dentures. We are happy to offer dentures at our dental clinic in Dryden!